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Brett Thompson was the 2009 Canadian bullriding champion.

Brett was 4th in the PRCA rookie standings
and did that without going to a single US rodeo...
just the dual rodeos approved in Canada...
The last segment of this clip shows Brett's winning round


Leo Hancock Hayes

Leo Hancock Hayes has produced more AQHA performance horses than any other son or daughter of Blue Valentine. His get and grandget have earned the recognition and respect of today's top AQHA professional performance trainers.


Brent Trout

Brent Trout and Nighthawk Hancock

Brent Trout and Nighthawk Hancock (above)

Vintage Blue, demonstrating "Universal Language"
Universal Language (pdf),
this is a short, interesting article that appeared in Canadian Cowboy Country magazine, Oct/Nov 2009, about Brent Trout's philosophy and training methods, featuring Vintage Blue, a stallion bred by Heritage Hancock Quarter Horses, now owned by Riverstone Quarter Horses, BC Canada.


Don & Michelle Thompson
RR # 1 Endiang
Alberta Canada T0J 1G0
(403) 742-9758 or (403) 741-7151

Stallion • Cowboy Valentine
Reference Stallion • John Coffee Hayes

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America's Horse Magazine April 2008

Here is an article featuring Donna Grace, Bucking V Outfit (Roundup Montana) and I (Michelle), about our partnership portal website, HancockHorses.com, which appeared in the April 2008 issue of the AQHA members' America's Horse Magazine (distribution: over 311,000 to all 50 states, Canada and 70 countries). The article was written and submitted to AQHA by rancher/ author John Moore of Miles City, Montana.

article page one [on pg 46]    

article page two [on pg 47]    


Leo Hancock Hayes

Leo Hancock Hayes
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Brent Trout

Colt Starting, Problem Solving, Lessons, Clinics
Delia, Alberta Canada
(403) 364-3009

Nighthawk Hancock (photo courtesy of Brent Trout), bred by Heritage Hancock Quarter Horses, pictured here while in training with Brent Trout, Delia, AB.





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